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  Recently, one of Prince Handley's associates went to be with the Lord in Heaven.  This man of God started well over 100 churches in his life ministry ... in a geographic area many would call a hard field of labor.

   This section is dedicated to that man and contains tools from Handley WORLD SERVICES Incorporated that were used by him and many who worked with him in the Master's field.  May you profit from these materials and in turn bless millions of others!


   First, let's get you started in the right direction. You may NOT be a pastor; however - since we are at the entrance to the End Times ... just in case you need this information in the future - we'll show you How to Start a Synagogue or Church.

   In very simple directions, you will learn the basics: 1. Where to start; 2. How to go about it; and, 3. How to grow your synagogue or church with the LORD's help. You will, of course, want to experience MIRACLES for you and the people you are serving ... and the people working with you ... so you will find the material you need for that in the Resource section.One man in Zimbabwe - who started over 600 churches and baptized over 2,000 people - used the Wordless Books with great success.

   Also, no matter what your spiritual occupation (all believers have a "spiritual" occupation), you will want to know this >> Using the Media to Proclaim the Good News.


   In this section you will learn HOW to conduct mass miracle and healing meetings. We will provide step-by-step instructions on the procedures for carrying out these kinds of meetings, plus provide you with resources to enable you to bring the healing power of Christ to those attending. Also, we will teach you how to follow up after the meetings so that the fruit of your labor is both protected and multiplied.

   Especially in third world and developing countries, these types of meetings can be very large, with crowds into the thousands and even tens of thousands. Usually there is not much medical care in such areas and the people need healing and MIRACLES to help them live a properly functioning life. What a beautiful opportunity for the Lord Jesus Christ to manifest His healing power and compassion. Your first step is to go to How to Conduct a Mass Miracle Meeting.


  Key Benefits

  • Learn foundational principles of life and ministry that will enable you to be a successful and productive leader with these Advanced Studies.
  • Develop your abilities in the power of the Spirit so you will be a well-adjusted, seasoned and mature workman.
  • Live in fresh power, using the wisdom God gives you, so you will have joy and MIRACLES even in hard times.
  • Attain wisdom to win the world for Christ and tell the nations about the "greatness" of your Father God.


   We have included this section to make sure that all who visit this website have an understanding of the Tanakh - the Hebrew Scriptures - or commonly known as the Old Testament.  You will also want to familiarize your self with Rabbinical Studies - prophecies by ancient Rabbis that point to and identify the Messiah (Mashiach) of Israel. 

    For a complete study of the Brit Chashah - the Hebrew New Covenant - or commonly known as the New Testament, go to:


  The following books are recommended for increase, productivity and multiplication of ministry:

  The above books are all based upon principles of ministry and power precepts. They are advantageous for the businessman, also, and for anyone who is desiring to be super effective in the Kingdom of God.


  You have many opportunities for both reading and listening to MIRACLE teaching. Healing, teaching, Israel ... plus Windows and iPhone downloads.

   All of the above podcasts are teaching BLOGS with full written text included, except the "Prince Handley Podcast" which is audio only; however it usually has BONUS pdf material if you have the Prince Handley APP.

   NOTE: You can subscribe to the above podcasts by adding the suffix: /rss (forward slash + rss).Then click on the link.


  The following websites have multitudinous materials and resources available to you: with 1,000's of FREE resources.

   Learn everything you can. The day may come when the internet is NO longer available. Make as many disciples as you can in countries all over the world. Tweet and post any of the above materials. Start home Bible studies and cell groups to help people know the LORD and to build up believers in the Word of God. Teach, also, about the End Times. To help you with this, study the Prophecy Series by Prince Handley (shown below) which also brings revelation of End Time geopolitical events.


   The following books by Prince Handley are each designed to bring to the reader KEY and UNIQUE aspects of End Time prophecy.

   SUGGESTION: When you are finished reading any of the above, loan them to a friend for a month, or donate them to a church or local library. Also, go here for Advanced Prophecy Studies.


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