Below are listed specific steps for holding mass miracle and healing meetings. Due to large crowds these will usually be outdoors. Make sure you know and follow each step exactly. Thee is a reason for this!

1. Start each meeting with 30 minutes of singing and "selected" testimony.

2. Preach 20 to 40 minutes.

3. Begin message by announcing: "We are going to pray in a few minutes and God is going to heal the sick."

4. During the message, tell the people who Jesus is and what He did. Tell them:

  • "I wouldn’t ask you to believe in a dead god! Jesus Christ is ALIVE!"
  • "Since Jesus is alive, He will do what He did when He lived on earth before!"
  • "If He does - and heals you - will you serve Him the rest of your life?"
  • (Before you pray) "If Jesus heals you, how many will come up and tell of it?"

5. After the message, pray for the sick to be healed. Do NOT go out into the crowd and do NOT pray for individuals at this time, but pray for the crowd "as a whole" from the place where you have been preaching. (Let God do His work!)

6. (During prayer) Tell the people, "Now, begin to praise God for healing you."

7. (After prayer) Tell the people, "Now do what you couldn’t do before."

8. Ask for those who have been healed to come and testify.

  • Make sure you have workers who are trained to examine testimonies.
  • Eliminate those testimonies which aren’t for real or don’t give glory.
  • Train the workers to bring to the front at once ONLY miracles of healing.
  • Also, make sure you have workers who are trained in crowd control.
  • Don’t let the devil bring confusion to your crusade at this point.


  • The first day of the crusade let God heal a few. Then go out to the villages and tell them what God has been doing; invite them into the meetings.
  • The second day of the meetings, and thereafter, pray for specific cases, such as the deaf and blind, as God leads. You may want certain cases to come to the platform for prayer (where you are ministering). This way the crowd can see the miracles. Do ONLY what the Spirit says and finish when He tells you to!
  • Always meet with your workers before the meeting. Review the previous days meeting and pray for the current one. Ask God for the anointing of the Holy Spirit and pray for unity.
  • Establish a church - or churches - from the new believers (baptize them). Make plans to teach them regularly and train them  How To Win The World For Christ!
  • Teach them How to Start a Church.


Read and re-read prayerfully the book,
Health and Healing Complete Guide to Wholeness by Prince Handley.  Also, memorize How To Be Healed.

For a sample message to preach at mass meetings go to
Healing Message.

The fields are white ... ready for harvesting.
In the last days I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh.

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