The voice of Excellence

    All of the subjects above have been provided to not only make you whole, but to enable you to live a powerful and productive life . . . a life of liberty and freedom. You can live a successful and abundant life with direction from God: you can know with assurance the three important variables in life:

  • WHAT should I do?
  • HOW should I go about it?
  • WHEN should I initiate the process?
  • WHERE should I effectively focus my time and efforts?

    God wants you - and has made provision for you - to experience a free, powerful, and successful life: a life to be BLESSED . . . and to be a BLESSING to others. It's never too late to start with God! Begin to learn . . . study the subject areas above NOW!


    The bottom subject area (last in the list above), named "Final Days," has been placed in this section so that you can KNOW what's happening today . . . and what is going to happen in the future. This way you won't get caught "sideways" not knowing what is happening in the geopolitical affairs taking place in the world now . . . and those that are about to develop. You can be a successful and anointed leader with precise information at hand concerning current - and future - affairs. 

    If you need to study in a language other than English, go to the Foreign Language section for available choices.

    IMPORTANT -Artificial Intelligence (AI) is of major importance to you, your offspring and your future. Learn from Investigative Research by Prince Handley HOW it is affecting you NOW and will in the End Times. You must know this!



Wholeness of spirit    
How to be Whole
Healing and health
How to be Healed
Power from God
How to Receive God's Power
Prosperity and success
How to Prosper
Freedom from Satan and demons
How to be Delivered
Guidance and direction
How to Hear from God
Wisdom gifts
How Wisdom Gifts Operate
Vocal gifts
How Vocal Gifts Operate
Power gifts
How Power Gifts Operate
Information about Final Days of Planet Earth
Final Days of Planet Earth


Help is on its way!  In what areas of your life do you need help? 

God wants to bring soundness to your life in every area:  spiritually, mentally, physically, materially, and socially.

This is the will of God for you:  wholeness!  A vital life: being blessed by God ... so that you can be a blessing!


The MIRACLES of God are aimed at you from every direction!  Believe God ... for now ... and for the future!

God wants to help you.  Let Him touch you with His POWER ... so you can touch others and help them!

God will change you for the better.  He did not bring you this far to fail, to give up, or to lose.  You WILL win!