The voice of Excellence


Get people interested in the vision God has given you. Meet together for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study.

Win souls in the neighborhood or local community where you will have your church - START there first! Visit and pray for the sick.

Baptize converts and then TRAIN them:

 Study the booklet above (***HTWW). Impart a vision of the world.

 Enjoy Jesus and your work with Him!!!

 Pray daily for God to:

  •  Open the hearts of people
  •  Pour out His Spirit upon the area where you working for Him.
  •  Lead you to people who are seeking for God and His salvation.

Look for needs to meet:

  • In people
  • In the community
  • In the government.

Go door-to-door within a reasonable distance of the church you're starting and ask people if they have anything you can pray for. Tell them you're meeting in about an hour at a certain location (give them the address). Go back in a week and follow up on them.

Note: They may also have sick people in the house that they want you to pray for.

Tell people: "If you can find 10 other families who want to start a church, then organize a meeting in your home (or one of their homes) and invite these other 10 families. I will then come and tell them about the church we're starting. At the same time, we will minister to the people's needs, if they desire. Expect miracles!"


Never go to pastor a church that someone else started unless the people at large give you complete control before you start. You will just be taking over someone else's problems! Also, when miracles start, the previous leaders will become jealous. Start NEW WORKS where the anointing is honored and God can get the glory!


Here's a testimony about the Advanced Studies and specifically about this section, How To Start a Church, from a Pastor and General Overseer:

    "The lessons and the questions are the best I have had in my life, especially since I started preaching the Gospel under the power of the Holy Spirit.  Please help me to learn more and be a better worker for the Lord.   With this lesson well studied, God has started blessing the work here.   Prayer cells have sprung up in all places. God is adding souls to His kingdom."  [Bishop Harrison]

 Do diligence to follow the steps in this lesson like Bishop Harrison and God will do MIRACLES for you!

Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.