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    Have you ever heard someone say, "I wonder who was praying for me" ...or, "Someone must have been praying for me!"

    Many people who are new Christians grew up in ungodly homes ... some in witchcraft ... and some in pagan religions.  Yet they are now serving God.  They don't remember HOW, but at a certain point in their lives a Gospel witness came to them, and at a key time in their lives they developed a DESIRE to know the true and living God.

    Someone was praying for them!

    As the Lord leads you, select a child to PRAY  for ... one that you will commit before the Lord to pray for at least 10 years ... and maybe for the rest of your life.

    You do not have to tell them you are praying for them unless you want to.  it may be a child you know or someone you don't know!  Maybe it's a child you have heard about or read about in the newspaper ... maybe a child or teenager in trouble.

    Pray for them in addition to your prayers for you own family or children, and then ASK God for two (2) things:

  • To lay your child(ren) or family on someone else's heart for prayer; and,
  • To give you a great harvest blessing in your child(ren) or family as a reward for your prayer-sowing in the life of the child you have adopted for prayer.

    It's not necessary - but if you like - send the name or a photo of the child for whom you are praying to us so we main join you in prayer.

   If you want to know more about the IMPORTANCE of reaching children for Christ, go to The Greatest Outreach.

    If you would like to know how to COMMUNICATE with children for Christ, go to Wordless Books.