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  Now that you have studied more about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, let us review and, at the same time, study some extra benefits of this wonderful gift of God.

  The baptism in the Holy Spirit makes you a candidate to receive one or more of the "gifts" of the Holy Spirit. (Read about them in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11.) Three of the nine gifts may be categorized as "Wisdom Gifts", which are as follows:

  • The word of knowledge
  • The word of wisdom
  • Discerning of spirits

   These gifts of the Spirit operate through you to enable you to: (1) do God's work; (2) help other people; (3) live in victory; and (4) build up the brotherhood of the believers. Now we will study how they operate.


   The word of knowledge is a word, or message, God gives you concerning a situation in a person's life, business, or ministry. Not to discredit them or to embarrass them, but to help them know that God knows their situation.

    Sometimes the person may know about the situation already, but when the "word of knowledge" comes to them through you, it is a sign to them that God is aware of their situation ... and that he cares!

    The person may not be aware of the situation, however, and God may be giving you a word of knowledge to reveal the situation to them. It may be an area of their Christian walk where they are under satanic attack.


    Sometimes the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom are dual gifts. That is, sometimes they work together. Wisdom is knowledge in action; so a "word of wisdom" tells one WHAT to do in a given situation.

    For example, God may give you a word of   KNOWLEDGE for someone who is having financial trouble, to tell them that demon forces are resisting finances from coming to them. Then, God may give you a word of   WISDOM  for that same person to tell them what to do:  to bind the demon forces in the name of Jesus, and "break their hold", commanding them "to depart and never come back", and then to have the person CALL IN (or, speak in) God's abundance!

    Sometimes the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom may come through different people.


    Discerning of spirits is the ability to see or know:

    (1) the activity of the spirit world, both Holy Angels and demons; and,

    (2) what is of God from what is from Satan.

    The gift of discernment is often used in conjunction with the gift of miracles and the gift of healing. You need to know every move of the Spirit of God and to discern it from the spirit of man and the spirit of the devil.    If you do not understand, God will explain it to you if you have this gift.

     Even though all people do not have the "gift" of discerning of spirits, still, God wants all his children to be discerning. As you get into God's Word, and God's Word gets into you - as you talk to and walk with God daily - you will begin to know when things and people are of God or not. You will discern.

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