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Advanced Christian training in other nations.
Sponsorship of seminars in underdeveloped nations.
Key nations and cities and their importance.


    A.C.T.IO.N. - Advanced Christian Training Inside Our Nation - Seminars were designed to TRAIN and ENCOURAGE pastors and Christian workers INSIDE their nation among their own people.   

    For 50 years Apostle Handley has reached the people groups of the world bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ, and training Christian workers and leaders with potential to be more productive.

    One major thrust of Handley WORLD SERVICES Incorporated has been to provide teaching and evangelistic materials to pastors, churches, and Christian workers in many foreign languages. You will also find teaching by Prince Handley in several languages at
Apostle Talk.

    One pastor wrote that every time he received a four (4) pound package of our literature, the Lord would use them to raise up two to three new churches.

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    There is great volatility in many ... if not most ... of the countries of the "10/40 Window", and has been for many years. Countries and areas, including tribal groups within areas, that are open to ministry one week may be shut the next week. We must take advantage of open doors NOW.

    One example is Rwanda, with the great mass atrocities that went on a result of the warring Hutu and Tutsi tribes ... not to mention Sudan, Somalia, Angola, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Outside the "10/40 Window" evidence of the same is in Bosnia, Yugoslavia (Kosovo area), and China. 

    Volatility among countries, area, and groups comes from different factions, and sometimes a combination of all:  tribal, religious, political, racial, ethnic, and caste (or, social) status. However, the all have the same source:  Satan and demonic forces designed to steal, kill, and destroy [John 10:10].

    Jesus Christ is the ANSWER to the (sometimes centuries of) hatred in these countries, areas, and groups of people. Their are wonderful opportunities to reach many of these places NOW while the doors are OPEN.  And ... with prayer, we can open doors that are seemingly shut!

   If you would like to help sponsor an ACTION Seminar or help provide literature and training materials for Christian workers, notify us on the Feedback form.  Make sure you include your E-mail address.   If you just want to help us help others, let us know that, too!  Or if you need a seminar in your area, tell us.


    More than 30% of the world's people live in cities.  Impacted into these cities are many people and language groups.     When we reach these cities, we reach individuals from unreached people groups.  As these people receive Christ, many will return to their native people and language groups with the Good News!


1. Tokyo-Yokohama
  6. Shanghai
2. Jakarta
  7. Karachi
3. Delhi
  8. Beijing
4. Manila
  9. New York
5. Seoul-Incheon
10. Guangzhou-Foshan

    Pray for these megacities and the Christians who witness and minister there.  Ask God to pour out His Spirit upon these cities and the Christians in them: to open doors for them, to protect them, and that the believers will be faithful witnesses.

    For most of the 50 years of service to the world, Apostle Handley has focused on the "10/40 Window".  Not knowingly doing so ... the focus was as a result of God's leading.  Looking back, it is evident that over 90% of the resources and services have been directed FREE to Third World countries, developing nations, and countries comprising the "10/40 Window".

    Pray for the KEY nations comprising the "10/40 Window".   If you pray for just three (3) countries each day, you will impact the world for Christ!   Or, pick an area - or a KEY People Group on a map of the world for which God is leading you to pray.   Watch God work! 

To multiply your ministry, study and then give someone a copy of this FREE download:
How To Win The World For Christ.

Make sure you have the POWER you need to work for God! Study Prince Handley's book, How to Receive God's Power with Gifts of the Spirit.

Study and teach the the following two modules in the University of Excellence Advanced Studies section.

  • The Art and Principles of Christian Warfare; and,
  • The New Global Church and Messianic Synagogue.

Also read these books (and give to friends): 
The Art of Christian Warfare ... AND ...  New Global Strategy: Enabling Missions, by Prince Handley.

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